Jeju International

Marine Leisure EXPO

2022 제주국제 해양레저 박람회

2022. 9. 16(Fri)-18(Sun)

Cheju Halla University Convention Hall


Jeju International

Marine Leisure EXPO

2022. 9. 16(금)-18(일)

제주한라대학교 컨벤션홀

The 2021 Jeju International Marine Leisure Expo, a comprehensive festival of marine leisure, sports, and tourism enjoyed by people around the world through Jeju Ocean, is held. It will be held as a non-face-to-face online Expo and is a leading event in the post-COVID-19 era. We hope many people attend it.

EXPO Name2021Jeju International Marine Leisure EXPO
Theme Leading Ocean New Deal with marine leisure
Size of participationThere are 3,000 domestic and foreign online and offline participants, more than 5 countries, and 50 related exhibition booths, etc.

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